4 Habits for a Healthy Corporate Traveller

Track Your Sleep

On the Plane

  • Make sure to reserve a window seat
  • Pack a headphone and a travel pillow
  • Consult with a medical professional before you fly. You can ask for advice regarding some natural sleep aids that are suited for you.
  • For long-distance flights, don’t book a flight scheduled during early morning or late at night, if possible. This way, you avoid getting any jet lag.
  • Be sure to track the number of hours that you’ve slept. If you don’t want to do this manually, you can always use a phone app. If you didn’t sleep enough, you can use this information to know that you need to catch up on sleep.

Once You’ve Arrived at Your Destination

  • As part of your corporate travel management, make sure to plan in advance your work itinerary. To start, don’t schedule any meetings just a few hours after you land. Instead, make some space to rest in the mornings and make sure there are longer breaks in between appointments.
  • Incorporate any practices that can help you sleep at home, such as reading a book or drinking a cup of tea.
  • If you missed sleep earlier per your sleep tracking, try to sleep as much as you can to make up for it.

Consider Your Daily Activity Level

Tips to Stay Active

  • Find a hotel or accommodation with a pool or gym. If you’re a yogi, bringing your yoga mat is a good idea. You can also ask the hotel if they have any free exercise classes.
  • Find a room that’s spacious enough for you to have a quick workout.
  • If you’re the one planning the business meeting, you can choose a place that’s within biking or walking distance to your place of stay. This way, you can bike or walk to the meeting.
  • Don’t forget to pack some activewear. Doing so will encourage you to stay active.

Make Healthy Eating Choices When You’re on the Road

Avoid Junk Foods

Frequently Eat in Small Amounts

Create Healthy Habits for Your Travels




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