4 Tips For Working Remotely and Maintaining Company Culture

Hybrid Work Model Is the New Normal

  1. Remote-First
  1. Office-Occasional
  1. Office-First

Why Hybrid Work Model Is Effective

Increased Productivity

Employee Satisfaction Has Improved

Reduced Business Costs

Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing

The Challenges of a Hybrid Work Model

Not Everyone Is Willing to Work in the Office

Less Opportunity On Staff Promotion

Disconnect Between Employees

Difficult to Keep a Company’s Culture Alive

The Importance of Maintaining Company Culture

  1. It defines the company’s identity
  1. It’s about living your company’s core values
  1. It helps the company keep the best people
  1. It transforms the company into a team

How To Maintain Company Culture in a Hybrid Work Model

Regular Communication

  • Feedback
  • Discuss challenges
  • Acknowledgment and recognition
  • Casual life update
  • Company updates
  • Project updates
  • Team updates
  • Let employees ask questions

Conduct Engaging Activities and Group Travel

  • Team building
  • Focus on teamwork
  • Proper communication
  • Foster connections between employees
  • Learn more about the team
  • Leaders facilitate cohesion
  • Allow employees to be happy and have fun
  • Getting employees interested and involved in shaping culture

Let’s Wrap It Up



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