Best Practices for Corporate Travel Management

Implement a Travel Policy

  • Airline, rail, hotel, and rental car reservations
  • The booking procedure and the approved corporate travel company
  • Transportation (bus, taxi, etc.)
  • On-site spending (meals, entertainment, phone calls)
  • Reimbursement process
  • Travel risk management
  • Security, including the safety of both individuals and work materials
  • Travel debriefing
  • Insurance

Why Are Travel Policies Important?

  • The travel booking procedures are well-organised, so nobody has to scramble to find the information they need.
  • Travellers’ reimbursement procedures are streamlined.
  • It’s easier to save money when your spending guidelines are clearly outlined for employees.
  • It helps prevent fraud in your company.
  • Employees are protected by carefully defined safety protocols, and they won’t have to panic in the case of an emergency.

Know Your Budget

Prepare For the Worst-case Scenario

  • Infectious diseases and travel sickness
  • Terrorism
  • Lawlessness and crime
  • Instability in politics
  • Missing flights
  • Bad weather
  • Misplaced company materials and equipment

Use Technology To Make Travel Easier

  • Full transparency and cost control
  • The ability to view, track, and manage all of your travellers
  • Control of travel policy and workflow
  • 24/7 travel support
  • The ability to track travel spending using real-time data

Bottom Line



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