CFO’s Guide to Reducing Team Travel Costs

Take Your Travel Manager Out For Coffee

Book Early, Book Smart

Reducing Flight Costs

Reducing The Size Of Your Team

  • Savings to be made at all stages of the business trip, from the airport to accommodation and everything in between.
  • These savings can be allocated to other team members, to ensure their comfort with perks like business class tickets.
  • Reducing the size of your team reduces the chance for friction and frayed relationships.
  • Monitoring the spending and safety of overseas employees can be intensive without a streamlined management platform, but is markedly easier with a smaller team.
  • Keeping the workload the same while reducing the number of workers is an age-old recipe for stress. Before consolidating the size of their team, CFOs must be confident that their travellers can complete the work comfortably and at their best.
  • Fewer staff mean fewer networking opportunities. Some of the most profitable conversations for business travellers can occur behind the snooker table, or with a glass of wine in hand.
  • Reducing the size of a travel team sets a precedent for future trips, which may not be sustainable. Just because a particular crop of employees succeeded with fewer colleagues, does not mean future teams will be so lucky. For a travel program optimised for profit and productivity, CFOs and travel managers must treat each team as a unique entity with unique challenges and opportunities.

Reducing The Duration Of The Business Trip

Alternative Accommodation Options

Arm Them With The Basics

Virtual Payments

Create A Destination Travel Itinerary



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