How To Manage Business Travel Effectively

Mastering the System

The True Cost of Business Travel

  • Delays in flight
  • Being stuck in traffic
  • Unexpected illness
  • Other expenses that may not have a price

Be Transparent About Company Expectations

Improve the Traveler Experience and Make it Fun, but also Get Work Done

Provide a Corporate Travel Education Program (CTEP)

Make Sure You Have the Right Technology for your Teams to be Productive

Managing Travel Arrangements

It’s Never Too Early to Book a Hotel

Build-in Time for Last-Minute Changes

Always Check the Airline’s Site Before Booking

Book More than One Flight

Make Sure to Keep Track of Frequent Flyer Miles

Making Travel Manageable Through Automation and Focus

Create a Standard Booking Sheet

Consider an Automated Corporate Travel Booking Tool

Go Digital with Your Itinerary Files

Avoid the Pitfalls and Have your Employees Book their Own Travel

Finding a Balance Between Time and Performance

Know Who Your Traveller is and their Business travel Requirements

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Passport information
  • Emergency contact details
  • Frequent flyer number
  • Preferences or needs

Know Your Customer Journey and Use that to Create the Right Itinerary

Consider what’s Important to the Traveler in Terms of Activities, Attractions, and Experiences

Incorporate All Relevant Logistical Details such as Transportation, Hotels, Meals, and Scheduling for Each Leg of the Trip.

  • Dates of travel
  • Flight information (flight numbers, check-in times, flight time)
  • Airport information (name and address, terminal number)
  • Transportation to the airport (e.g. rental car, carpool, public transportation) and any
  • relevant information (e.g. meet-up times)
  • Transportation to the hotel (e.g. taxi, shuttle, car rental)
  • Hotel information (name and address, phone number, reservation number)
  • Business agenda (including names and contact numbers for everyone they’ll be meeting, and times and addresses for all the meetings or events they’ll be attending)
  • Estimated daily budget
  • Relevant local information (e.g. available forms of public transportation, tipping culture, dress code)

Empowering and Supporting Employees

Make their Travel Plans as Easy as Possible

Make Sure they have All the Essentials for the Trip

  • Their laptop, tablet, or business phone
  • Necessary chargers and adapters
  • Relevant documents or presentation materials
  • A current, valid passport
  • A visa (where applicable)
  • Valid photo IDs (e.g. driver’s license)
  • Travel tickets

Plan some Fun Activities for when they’re at their Destination

Take care of their Health and Well-Being

Make Sure they Feel Taken Care of While they’re Away from Home

Key Takeaway



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